MakerVerse Secures 9.4 Million Euro Series A Funding to Expand On-Demand Manufacturing


The funding will grow the company’s AI-powered platform, helping companies build resilient supply chains.

With manufacturers seeking an easier way to source industrial-quality parts, MakerVerse raised EUR9.4 million in series A funding to meet that need. MakerVerse will scale its AI-powered on-demand manufacturing platform for even faster growth.

9.5 Ventures lead the funding round. All original seed round investors – including Siemens Energy and ZEISS – subscribed to the new round.

“The last year has really proven that companies want a simpler way to innovate,” said Dr. Markus Seibold, CEO of MakerVerse. “Our platform makes it easy to access advanced manufacturing technologies. With the funding, we will expand our technologies and help companies with even larger projects to drive further innovation.”

MakerVerse offers a one-stop shop platform with a fully-vetted global supply chain for advanced manufacturing technologies, such as CNC machining and 3D printing. This helps companies build resilient supply chains and easily source parts for prototyping, serial production, and more.

“We’re thrilled to have closed this funding round, especially in light of the uncertainty in global economic conditions and in the venture capital world,” said Tim Schark, CFO of MakerVerse. “This funding round highlights the benefits and uniqueness of our set-up, which combines the strategic advantages of corporate investors with the speed and expertise in innovative business models of VCs.”

MakerVerse launched in early 2022 in Germany. Since then, the company has attracted diverse customers throughout Europe and internationally, including multinationals, mid-size companies, and start-ups. MakerVerse onboarded nearly 50 vetted suppliers and the company’s headcount grew to 30+ employees.

Future Plans

MakerVerse will expand its “one-stop shop” with more technologies and materials. MakerVerse will also provide advanced support to integrate the platform into customers’ systems. The company plans to build capacity for more large-scale orders.

“With this funding, we’ll be able to expand our end-to-end production order support, which involves creating complete manufacturing plans, providing expert guidance, and executing the entire project,” said Ward Ripmeester, COO of MakerVerse.

About MakerVerse

MakerVerse is the advanced manufacturing platform for sourcing industrial-grade parts on demand. The multi-sided platform connects industrial makers with a distributed network of certified producers. Investors include industry leaders Siemens Energy and ZEISS, and financial/venture capital investors, including 9.5 Ventures.


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MakerVerse Secures 9.4 Million Euro Series A Funding to Expand On-Demand Manufacturing