Yanfeng expands its Technical Center in Slovakia

Neuss, Germany:

, a leading global automotive supplier, has recently expanded its research and development activities in Europe. The new equipment is part of its Technical Center in Trenčín, Slovakia, and focuses on the company's Safety Systems business. It complements the existing interiors product portfolio and testing capabilities at the site. With this investment in new equipment and technologies, Yanfeng extends its passive safety component development and testing capabilities outside of China.

The new test stations are for the testing of steering wheels and airbag modules. The company has invested around 2.5 million Euros in the state-of-the-art equipment. These include a mechanical shock test station as well as a drop tester, inflator deployment test machine, an additional climate chamber, a salt spray chamber and also a dust test station, which uses fine dust from the Arizona desert. A new temperature shock tester, an airbag test center and a robot test system have also been installed.

“Airbag modules and steering wheels are crucial for driver and passenger safety. This applies both to airbags, which only work once, as well as steering wheels, which must function continuously every day,” explained Ivan Kebísek, Engineering Director and Site Leader of the Yanfeng Technical Center in Trenčín. “This means that our products must fulfill the highest quality standards and work perfectly.”

“Yanfeng is the only automotive supplier that offers in-house passive safety solutions and interior integration from a single source,”said Francois Stouvenot, CEO EMEA and NA at Yanfeng Automotive Interiors. “With our extensive expertise in interiors, seating, and passive safety, we are able to develop holistic interior solutions with seamlessly integrated safety systems.”

The company's safety technology ranges from a smart steering wheel, that warns drivers through visual signals or vibrations if they unexpectedly stray from their lane, to seating systems with automatic seat belt tightening, restraint systems and airbags.

A global Engineering network to better serve the customers

Over the past few years, Yanfeng has been increasing its development and testing capabilities for Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) in Trenčín. Since 2017 the company has invested continuously in additional testing equipment. The Trenčín Technical Center is one of two major European research and development sites in Yanfeng's global engineering network. It supports the Tech Center at the company's European Headquarters in Neuss, Germany, with environmental, functional, durability and material tests for automotive interior componentsand products, including instrument panels, cockpits, door panels and floor consoles. The testing has recently been extended to include the passive safety portfolio. “The Technical Center in Trenčín is one of 12 locations in our global engineering network, and it has a vital role in our research and development activities,” said Francois Stouvenot. “The investment in this new safety test equipment enables us to enhance our capabilities and further support our customers locally.”

More info is available our website at https://www.yanfeng.com/en/company-news.

About Yanfeng

Yanfeng is a leading global automotive supplier, which focuses on interiors, exteriors, seating, cockpit electronics and passive safety. Yanfeng has more than 240 locations and approximately 57,000 employees worldwide. The technical team of 4,100 experts is located at 12 R&D centers and other regional offices, with full capabilities including engineering & software development, and user experience, and test validation. Focusing on smart cabin and lightweight technology, Yanfeng helps automakers to explore future mobility concepts and provide leading cabin solutions. For more information, please visit www.yanfeng.com.

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